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BTS Songs About Mental Health

BTS Songs About Mental Health

Mental health awareness has become more important than ever, especially during these trying times. While there are different approaches to facing mental health issues, music has been proven to be among the most effective remedies.

BTS, a South Korean boy band, has been a prominent advocate for mental health awareness. They have released several songs that address different aspects of mental health, including depression, anxiety, and self-love. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of BTS’ songs that tackle mental health.

"Blue & Grey"

"Blue & Grey" is among the most prominent songs in BTS’ latest album, "BE." The song is a raw portrayal of depression and how it affects one’s mental well-being. The lyrics talk about how one might feel lost and alone in the world, but ultimately, there’s always hope to be found.

One of the significant takeaways from "Blue & Grey" is the delivery. The song’s melody, along with the accompanying music video, showcases how it feels to be lost in one’s thoughts. The lyrics are sincere and vulnerable, with BTS member V admitting that he’s scared of himself, an indicator of how open the band is about their mental health issues.

"Spring Day"

"Spring Day" is one of the BTS songs that are often highlighted for addressing mental health. The song explores themes of loss, grief, and longing. The lyrics address the hardship of losing someone and how that can affect one’s mental state.

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What’s interesting about "Spring Day" is how it also serves as an uplifting song. The chorus, in particular, talks about how the flowers will eventually bloom again, indicating that there’s always hope and beauty in the world.

"Not Today"

"Not Today" is one of the more upbeat songs from BTS’ repertoire. However, the lyrics still touch on mental health issues such as anxiety and self-doubt. The song talks about battling against the negative thoughts that hold us back.

The chorus is a strong declaration that says, "not today," meaning a refusal to give in to the negativity. "Not Today" serves as a reminder that while mental health issues can be daunting, we have the power to fight and overcome them.

"Magic Shop"

"Magic Shop" is among the BTS songs that serve as a love letter to their fans. The song talks about a "magic shop," a metaphor for a place where one can find peace and comfort. The lyrics are a heartfelt portrayal of how a support system can help one navigate through mental health issues.

One of the most emotional lyrics in "Magic Shop" is how BTS promises their fans that they will take their pain away and turn it into a beautiful flower. This pledge showcases BTS’ commitment to mental health awareness and how they’re willing to help their fans in any way that they can.


"Epiphany" is a solo song by BTS member Jin, and it explores the theme of self-love. The lyrics revolve around the idea that one must learn to love themselves, flaws and all. The song is a declaration that one must take care of themselves first before they can take care of others.

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What’s impressive about "Epiphany" is how it manages to capture the essence of self-love while still acknowledging the difficulties that come with it. The lyrics talk about how it’s okay to feel vulnerable and make mistakes, as long as one learns from them.


BTS’ music has always been about more than just entertainment. They have been vocal advocates for mental health awareness and have used their platform to address different aspects of mental health. From depression to self-love, BTS has tackled different themes in their music, making them an essential artist in the conversation about mental health.

As the world continues to navigate the new normal, it’s important to keep the conversation going about mental health. BTS has made a significant contribution to this discussion, and their music has provided comfort and solace to fans around the world.