Home health physical therapy assistant jobs

This is also known as home care physical therapist. They provide therapy services meant for treatment plans in a residential setup. Employers need you to provide rehabilitation services in the confines of a home. This sort of physical therapy (PT) is usually reserved for patients who can’t leave their houses due to the risk associated with leaving their houses. You are expected to review the patient’s medical histories.

In addition, you are to outline goals clearly for patients and outline the expected outcomes of such a plan. You must learn to use exercises to manage a patient’s pain and increase mobility. Apart from this, you are also responsible for recording the progress of the patient and changing the plan of care if need be. Most importantly, you are to educate both the patient and family members about the recovery process.

Becoming a home health physical therapist requires several education qualifications. More importantly, you must major in physical therapy and bag a bachelor’s degree. Apart from educational qualifications, you must be a compassionate person with the ability to show genuine kindness to people. You must also be detailed-oriented as you have to be extremely observant. The average annual pay in the US is $113,426.

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