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Navratna therapy ayurvedic stress relief oil

This oil is definitely one of the better oils I have tried. The aroma was surprisingly nice as some Ayurvedic oils and leave a stench in the hair even after washing. But this oil is nothing like that. In fact, the soothing aroma actually relaxes and calms the senses and true to the name, it helps with managing stress.
Another thing is like to add is what it did to my hair. The brand does not promote this oil as being an anti-dandruff oil or a hair smoothening oil but I have to say that within one wash I could see a visible difference in the look n feel of my hair.
It’s not only a stress relief oil but a lot more. 😊

Its unique combination of 5 aromatherapy oils and 9 ayurvedic herbs makes it effective in combating stress and providing relief and rejuvenation. It is enriched with ashwagandha, known for stress relieving properties; Brahmi, which provides a cooling effect; lavender is known to reduce anxiety and promote better sleep; bergamot oil for its mood-elevating properties. Just a few minutes of massage with this luxurious oil will leave you with deep physical and mental relaxation, enveloping you in the bliss of an almost spa-like experience.


With the goodness of 5 Aromatherapy Oils and 9 Ayurvedic Herbs.

Gives you a cool and rejuvenating head massage and better sleep

Country Of Origin : IN