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Rapid Integrated Support and Engagement (RISE)

Referral Information:

RISE Brochure

RISE Program Referral Form and Instructions (must be opened using Adobe Reader)


Contact Us:

1911 Williams Drive

Oxnard, CA 93036

Phone: (805) 981-4233

Contact Person:

  • Felicia Skaggs M.S.

Direct: 805.981.9265

Main: 805.981.4233

About: The RISE Program helps to build bridges to treatment. If someone has or appears to have mental health problems and is unable or unwilling to access help, RISE can help.

The RISE Program is offered by Ventura County Behavioral Health specifically to encourage and enable people in these situations to get assessment and treatment. The field-based outreach team makes contact, then provides ongoing support in navigating any challenges to accessing care. And it’s not just one-time assistance – the RISE team follows up with clients as needed and may be closely involved with case management. 

If a person is experiencing a moderate or high-risk crisis – if their words or behaviors suggest they may harm themselves or others, or if they appear to be gravely disabled – do not contact RISE. Contact the Crisis Team at 1-866-998-2243.

Mental Health Care Plan

The most common form of referral to our psychologists is the Mental Health Care Plan. If you are eligible, the plan is completed by your GP and allows you 6-10 individual sessions and 10 group sessions of Psychological treatment with Medicare rebates.

Your GP will determine your eligibility for this plan. Although a Medicare rebate can be claimed, there is generally a gap fee involved.

Private billing, Health Fund rebates, Veteran Affairs and Workers Compensation are also available for eligible clients

Please discuss this with your GP and they will direct you on how to book at plan.
Phone the practice on 07 5578 9000.

Gold Coast Psychologist

Our Gold Coast Weekday Bulk Billing psychologist is on site for your convenience

“Sometimes I just need to ask someone about things that I can’t talk to my parents, wife, husband, friends or relatives about.”

Do you ever just need a minute to yourself so you can relax?

Do you ever let out a big sigh after experiencing some stress or anxiety?

Do you ever notice how your breathing is fast when you’re nervous right before or during a test?

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to try counselling services and deep breathing exercises to help you relax.

Our Mental Health team consists of an experienced Gold Coast psychologist and general practitioners and specialists. They have a breadth of experience in assessing and working effectively with people experiencing:

  • Depression and other mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Psychosis
  • Relationship problems
  • Adjustment issues
  • Family conflicts
  • Personality disorders
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Life crisis
  • Trauma

Our Mental Health Team helps individuals with mental health disorders to resolve associated psychological problems and improve their quality of life.

This may involve individual counselling, family counselling, or group therapy.

We recognise the broader implications of an individual having a mental health illness and the impact on friends, family, work and education.

We use a range of interventions in helping people with mental health disorders, including the following focused psychological strategies:

Cognitive behavioral therapy

  • Behavioral interventions
  • Cognitive interventions

Skills training

  • Problem solving
  • Anger management
  • Social skills
  • Stress management
  • Parenting

General practitioners are often in the best position to assess the most appropriate psychological therapy to improve their patients’ health.

Under the government mental health care programs, the first step is for you to formulate a GP mental health treatment plan. You are eligible for a rebate fee from Medicare to enable you to complete this plan.

A written referral is required from your GP to access this rebate. Our practice bulk bills all your counselling sessions.

Please note Mental Health Care Plans under Medicare are very complicated and difficult to understand. Please see your GP first to get clear information.

The next step is to visit our experienced Gold Coast psychologist. Contact us today on 07 5562 2910

Contact GCMP for a consulation

Get in touch

We wanted to touch base and let you know of a few things happening in our little space at the moment.

Masks No Longer Required:

You would have already received information regarding the removal of the mask mandate in Queensland, and our subsequent removal of masks being a necessity inside the rooms. We do still of course acknowledge it may be important for some individuals to continue wearing masks for their or their family’s health, and we warmly welcome them to do so if an individual’s preference.

Lift Out Of Order:

Unfortunately, the lift access to the Lakeside Rooms is currently out of order. Whilst we are assured everything is being done to have it fixed as soon as possible, it is likely to continue to be unavailable for at least the next month. We are acutely aware of the difficulties this poses for some members of our community. If this will affect your ability to come to see your Practitioner, please call ahead of your appointment to make a plan with your Practitioner for an alternative. Telehealth remains an option, if considered clinically appropriate by your Practitioner. Further there is ramp access to the Lake area and it may be an opportunity to have a consultation by the lake with the ducks, again if considered appropriate and the weather allows. We will keep everyone posted on when the lift access has been restored.

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Please Reply to Confirmation Texts:

You may have noticed our Administration Team often diligently calling to confirm your scheduled and upcoming appointments. Whilst this is something we are happy to do, we are also aware people live busy lives, and our call isn’t always convenient to answer. As confirmation texts are sent out a few days before your appointment, we ask that, when possible, please respond to this text. This will ensure your scheduled appointment is confirmed, your time is not impacted, and if you are not able to attend for any reason that you allow sufficient time to avoid a possible cancellation fee. Further, as we are all aware, the need for therapeutic assistance is at an all-time high, and if you aren’t able to utilise the session time, we will offer it to another person in need.

Christmas Closure:

Can you believe it’s that time of year again!! No, us either.
Lakeside Rooms will be closed for 2022 as of close of business Tuesday 20th December 2022, and will reopen on Wednesday 4th January 2023. Whilst the Rooms will be open from then, please check when your Practitioners will be away as each individual determines their practice break. Also, please remember to book your appointments ahead to ensure you have what you need leading into the New Year. Most Practitioners have opened their schedules to current clients and patients for 2023.

Lakeside Rooms Practitioners and Administration Staff

Mental Health Care Plans

Medicare’s ‘Better Access’ program is a federally funded initiative that offers rebates for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. To find out if you are eligible, visit your GP who may refer you to see a psychologist for an initial 6 sessions. It is a good idea to book a long consultation as your GP needs to complete a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) for you to bring along with your letter of referral to your first appointment.

Psychiatrists and Paediatricians can also refer their patients to psychologists for up to 10 sessions under Medicare’s ‘Better Access’ program. A MHCP is not required to be completed in this instance, but you will need to bring your letter of referral to your appointment.

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Your psychologist will keep your referring doctor up to date with your progress over the course of treatment as required by Medicare. You may need to visit your GP again for a review of your Care Plan should you require further sessions.

Medicare benefits are available for a range of specified psychological services for people with certain conditions, including:

  • People with mental health disorders
  • Children with an autism spectrum disorder aged under 13 years for a diagnostic assessment and under 15 years for treatment
  • Children with a disability including sight impairment, hearing impairment, Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and Fragile X syndrome aged under 13 years for a diagnostic assessment and under 15 years for treatment
  • Women who are concerned about either a current pregnancy, or one that occurred in the previous 12 months
  • People who have a chronic medical condition and complex care needs
  • Follow-up allied health services for people of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.

For more information you can Download a Fact Sheet.

Additional Covid-19 Referrals

The federal government currently funds an additional 10 sessions to those who have a current MHCP and are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. You will need to visit your GP for a Mental Health Consultation in order to determine if you are eligible and to obtain a letter of referral. 

Your psychologist will keep your referring doctor up to date with your progress over the course of treatment as required by Medicare. You may need to visit your GP again for a review of your Care Plan should you require further sessions.

For more information you can Download a Fact Sheet.

Medicare Telehealth Services

Medicare’s Better Access program has now been expanded to include telehealth consultations to improve access to mental health services for people in regional, rural and remote Australia.

A telehealth service is a psychological therapy service that is delivered via video conference where both a visual and audio link has been established between a patient and their treating allied health professional. Telehealth services can be delivered by psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists that are registered with Medicare.

For more information visit their website. 

Chronic Disease Management Plans

This program, also previously known as Enhanced Primary Care (EPC), is designed to provide a team care approach to the health care management of a patient suffering from a chronic medical condition. To find out if you are eligible, visit your GP who can discuss your condition with you and may establish Team Care Arrangements (TCA) with at least two allied health professionals to provide services to meet your health needs.

Living Well Psychology can provide services to existing clients under this scheme who have exhausted their MHCP sessions under Medicare’s ‘Better Access’ initiative however we cannot Bulk Bill these consultations.

Your psychologist will keep your referring doctor up to date with your progress over the course of treatment as required by Medicare. You may need to visit your GP again for a review of your Care Plan should you require further sessions.

Please call us to discuss the fees and rebates associated with these services.