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Three approaches to psychotherapy (1964) part 3


This is the official resource for Three Approaches to Psychotherapy, Series I, II, and III – more popularly known as The “Gloria” Films of 1965, The “Kathy” Films of 1977, and The “Frank” Films of 1986. 

These pioneering films in the field of psychotherapy were produced by Everett L. Shostrom for Psychological and Educational Films. This is the only authorized outlet to purchase these films for training and research purposes at accredited universities and colleges.

These DVDs feature filmed psychotherapy demonstrations with noted psychotherapists from various orientations working with real clients. If you are an instructor or researcher at a college, university or higher learning center, you will find these videos an invaluable resource.

Summary :

Albert Ellis’ approach, rational emotive psychotherapy, deals primarily with the client’s thoughts and how the client views life events. Ellis challenges Gloria’s absolutes, her “awfulizing” and “catastrophizing”, that make her feel so dissatisfied with herself and that sabotage her relationships with others. He tells her that the irrational things she says to herself cause her negative feelings and her consequent behaviors. She begins to discover that by correcting her irrational thoughts she can reverse their consequences. Dr. Albert Ellis. gives his summation of the effectiveness of the interview. Producer Everett Shostrom introduces the film, and in conclusion, discusses with Gloria her experiences with the three therapists– Rogers, Perls and Ellis

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